What did I do
to deserve to hate you like this,
to live in the prision of your eyes,
to want to kill every step of yours
and to love this sea of wine and poetry
and sink inside of it,
beyond your heart?
With a message on Whatsapp
you left me in a night
and shot me with a chupito
of memories to forget:
with a message, damn!
A message to kill me.
Neither the will of having the courage
to see us another time!
What did I do
for this love I can’t love,
to meet someone like you
and keep on going?
What did I do
to find myself reading poems
in front of the city,
to not sleep during the night;
over the city,
to stare at a glass for hours
in the middle of the city?
Everything to make the world understand
that I hate you
nearly as much as I hate myself

– Räd

from “DIE YOUNG” (2018)


– all rights reserved, every content is registered on Patamu, n.64459


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